My sister is overwhelmed

July 2, 2009

My sister’s the introspective type. She’s also the type who just puts down her purse and gets things done, which is part of what I love about her. She doesn’t work but she keeps herself Read More

GivingCity Issue 1: Download it here!

October 1, 2008

Please feel free to send this link to a friend of colleague. Also, thanks for adding us to your media list – we’d love to hear more about your organization and cause. To download your Read More

Austin’s remarkable pet-food network

June 4, 2008

According to an AP story, more pet owners across the country are unable to afford pet food and, therefore, are lining up outside food pantries to feed their animals. This among other tough choices pet Read More

Today: Sign to save polar bears

May 13, 2008

There’s a scene in the¬†documentary¬†“An Inconvenient Truth” with an animated¬† polar bear swimming across a warming Arctic Ocean trying to find a little island of ice to rest on. It’s a really moving scene. And Read More

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