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Art of the Gala Oct 23 Austin


Invite GivingCity to cover your fundraising events! Here’s why:

Our team of event correspondents don’t just talk about the menu. We’re not about the “scene.”

Our goal is to expand the reach of your event by listening to the attendees, learning about their connection to your organization and letting them tell your story.

GivingCity Event Correspondents will:

  • Post 3-5 times on social media before the event
  • Arrive with enough time to interview and photograph guests before the program starts
  • Photograph and live-post to social media during the event
  • Post to GivingCity Austin within one week of the event
  • Tell the story of your organization by asking your guests why they support your mission

HOW: To invite us to your fundraising event, please request coverage at least two weeks before the event and plan for one of our correspondents to attend as your guest. Please make sure to connect us with your event chairs, your nonprofit leadership, your honorees or any other special guests who can speak to your organization’s mission.


MEDIA SPONSORSHIPS: GivingCity will happily consider being a media sponsor of your fundraising event! Along with the above coverage, we will also post your event ad on the site plus post an additional 3-5 times prior to your event. Other possibilities include event photography, pre-event website posts and pre-event interviews and content. Want to learn more? Contact us at info@givingcity.com.

BE A GIVINGCITY EVENT CORRESPONDENT! Want to help us spread the word about the great work being done by local nonprofits? Want to get to know the people who are making a difference in our community? Contact us to learn how you can be an Event Correspondent.

Art of the Gala Oct 23 Austin
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2 Comments on Event Coverage

  1. I just came across your organization searching the web for philanthropy in Austin, TX. After reading about it, I just wanted to let you know that its an amazing concept. Bringing light to non-profits and supporting them is definitely a huge part of raising awareness and supporting philanthropic views.

    But it leads other types of organizations that are not non-profit who are built upon a sort of philanthropic-capitalistic to be shadowed. For example, my company’s business model is built upon a for profit structure but we donate half of all sales to certain areas of our communities that need help. We work directly with non profits and help promote their programs through marketing and donations of all sorts. We give the consumer the power to influence areas that they care about most and be able to represent that idea through clothing. A non-profit structure would only limit the ability for us to do good as a company and as a society.

    I feel that only focusing on non-profits to promote philanthropy in central Texas effects businesses like mine that are built on the same principles but use a different structure to raise money. Philanthropy should not only be focused through non-profits, that leads others to believe that only non-profits are capable of such an idea. And that is terribly not true.

    I am only trying to shed light a new a new concept of how companies and consumers interact. If we restrict the idea that for profit companies are not capable of doing any if not more actual good than non profits, then philanthropy will never become apart of our economy on such a level that it should be.

  2. Bradley, we agree. We’re very familiar with social enterprise and have covered it much in the past. In fact, we’re expanding our social enterprise/CSR coverage as we grow, too. Thanks for encouraging us to push!

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