The genie story with a happy ending

A fable about privilege:

Imagine you were visited by a genie just before you were born.

The genie would grant you the power to set the rules of the society you would be born into – economic, political, social. You would decide who has the advantages in this society and who does not. And these rules would hold true for you, your children and your grandchildren.

The only thing you can’t decide is what type of person you would be. You might be born a homosexual, Hispanic male. You might be born a heterosexual, affluent white woman. It’s a crapshoot.

How would that determine the society you would create?

You’ve probably heard this story before, and it’s been told a hundred different ways. But the point is to make you think about how the privilege you were born with affects your success in life.

But more than that, it should make you realize that you do have some say in rules of society. You do have some say in how the world you live in turns out, for yourself and your children. And that you shouldn’t squander it.


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