We’re joining The Austin Monitor to increase local news coverage

Now more than ever, we believe coverage of local news and social issues can help you be more informed and more engaged in your community. That’s why we’re excited to enter into a partnership in 2017 with The Austin Monitor, the news site that covers local politics and policy. Thanks to this partnership, working under the nonprofit organization Capital of Texas Media Foundation, starting in 2017, GivingCity will have more resources to cover the thousands of nonprofits that serve the social needs of this community.

For almost 10 years, GivingCity has covered the nonprofit and social sector, bringing you news, insight and information to help you support the causes you care about. With the contributions from local journalists, photographers, designers and more, this work has been led by me, Monica Williams, who has taken on this work, in addition to full-time work for employers outside the sector.

img_4124In 2017, thanks to a growing list of supporters, donors, partners and sponsors, I will be able to take on the work of GivingCity full time. That means we’ll increase our coverage of local social needs and the organizations, activists and nonprofits addressing them.

More importantly, we’ll be able to show you how you can get involved and have an impact on the causes you care about.


If you want to see more news from the nonprofit sector about the most pressing social issues we face today, please consider donating to our News That Matters campaign today. We were just given a generous matching grant that will allow new donations to be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $4,000.

We’re spreading the word! Please share this news with friends and colleagues who care about having more robust coverage of local news. And see coverage of our new partnership in the Austin American-Statesman and the Austin Chronicle.

Click here to donate and have your donation doubled. Thank you!

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