Easy way to help an Austin kid go to college

January 22, 2011

College tuition varies—from $7,000 per year at a public, four-year college to $27,000 per year at a private four-year college—but no matter what type of college you choose, that amount adds up quickly. For many Read More

GivingCity Austin Issue #6 January 2011

January 14, 2011

Inside the new issue: Philanthropy at The Gate – Texas is short $27 billion and looking for philanthropy to pick up the slack. Now more than ever, Austin nonprofits must speak up. A Fair for Read More

Nominate a New Philanthropist

January 13, 2011

We’re looking for budding philanthropists, the Austinites who will help build a culture of generosity over the next decade. These are not just people who give back, these are people who will be role models Read More

A word about our photographs

January 7, 2011

Please do not grab photos from the magazine to use on other websites or personal pages. They are the property of GivingCity Austin and the Austin Community Foundation. We contract with local photographers for those Read More

I hear the best stories

January 4, 2011

I just met two college students on a mission to get nurseries and big-box retailers to stop selling invasive, non-native plants in Texas. And they’ll do it, too. They started their nonprofit, Eco Texas,  when Read More