OPINION: Your faith in humanity

June 19, 2015

Have you lost your faith in humanity? Things are pretty awful right now. But you can’t give up on humanity and isolate yourself from the problem. You are the problem. We all are. But we Read More

Bored teens? 10 ways to get them volunteering!

June 15, 2015

Young people volunteering at Mobile Loaves & Fishes Community First! Village. The days of “there’s nothing to do” are over. Today, millions of teenagers and young people are finding productive and educational ways to get Read More

CFRE: Raising the bar for fundraising in Austin

June 9, 2015

No doubt that Austin philanthropy is in its adolescence. And equally true: It’s going to take trained, professional fundraisers to mature the nonprofit sector. On some level, anyone can be a fundraiser. In fact, volunteers Read More

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