World-class talent talked to me

Graham Reynolds, Allison Orr and Peter Bay
Graham Reynolds, Allison Orr and Peter Bay at a post-performance reception for Solo Symphony.

Last night I got to meet PETER BAY, GRAHAM REYNOLDS and ALLISON ORR. Not only meet them but CHAT WITH THEM. I talked to Peter Bay about THE ABSOLUTE SOUND MAGAZINE and HIGH-END AUDIO EQUIPMENT. I told Graham Reynolds that I love him and GOLDEN ARM TRIO and his album of Duke Ellington music about 13 times AND HE DIDN’T TELL ME TO GO AWAY. And Allison Orr, the brilliance behind Trash Project, HUGGED ME. PEOPLE!

I’m nobody, who am I? I grew up on a street called Warpath, riding around on a light blue, banana-seat bike with a little afro and orange pants. I’m nobody!

I’m sorry to yell at you, I’m not mad. I’m dumbfounded. Utterly dumbfounded. Who am I, FFS? Why are these people talking to me?! Did I mention I was the guest of the gorgeous JENNIFER WIJANGCO? You’ve SEEN HER, right?

And I was there to see opening night of SOLO SYMPHONY*, which is Peter Bay dancing to Graham Reynolds as choreographed by Allison Orr. OMG!!!!! It was SWEET. Totally, unexpectedly and overwhelmingly sweet. I loved it.

(This is why I am not an arts critic. “SQUEEE!” is not a review.)

These are genuinely talented, world-class artists. WORLD CLASS. The fact that they shook my hand and looked in my eyes is freaking me out. But, I mean, and I know I say this all the time but… I get to meet people like this almost EVERY DAY.

The 22 New Philanthropists we announced on Tuesday… have you read about what they do yet? Geez! And they let me put them in the magazine! Also, you know what social workers do, right? And nonprofit executives? And CASA volunteers? These are WORLD CLASS PEOPLE! I work hard, some other people work hard, whatever… NOT LIKE THIS. NOT LIKE THESE PEOPLE.

Maybe you’re cooler than I am. Actually, there’s no doubt that you’re cooler than I am and that you already know these people and you’re all BFF with them. I don’t care.

I’m happy. What a great town this is.

*Solo Symphony is playing one show tonight and two more shows on Saturday at The Long Center. Tickets start at just $25. Learn more here.






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  1. I know for sure that they were equally taken by you, otherwise they would not have bothered. You’re Grrr-eat!

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