List of free meeting spaces for Austin nonprofits


UPDATE: The spaces listed below may or may not be available depending on availability or, it seems, the mood of the person answering the phone when you call. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

So along with this list, please consider some advice when booking these spaces:

  1. Do not call and ask for a space next week. Or even within the next few weeks. The more in-advance you try to book the space, the better.

2. Keep in mind that sometimes the people letting you book the space are the same people who have to let you in, set up your A/V, help you find an extra chair, stay late and clean up after you leave. Be nice to them and understanding. Consider sending them a thank-you note when you book it and leaving behind a box of Tiff Treats when you’re done if you ever want to use that space again.

3. Try to know someone there – preferably the person in charge of the organization — before you ask. Strangers get turned down. Befriend them, be flexible, don’t ask for too much.

4. Nonprofits are not entitled to free meeting spaces. Remember that most organizations pay for their space. Treat the people letting you use the space as you would treat a donor.

Like I said, the list changes frequently. The places with lines through them used to have  a space and sometimes still let you use them, but they are often overrun with requests, so consider the advice above. As for places your nonprofit can have a meeting, see the un-crossed-off items and the comments.

Mission Capital office – Northwest near Steck and MoPac
8303 N. Mopac Expy
Mission Capital members only
Small, medium and large rooms are available. Same type of amenities here as at ACF. But – and here’s a big but – you have to be a member to use a room. No problem—just join! You must also complete a user agreement and review a user checklist. See all on their website.
To reserve: Reserve online here

Mission Capital – Mitte Carriage House – Downtown
1008C West Avenue
Mission Capital members only
This place looks nice! See the Web page for photos. Again, you have to be a member of Mission Capital. Oh, and they’ll need a credit card just in case “the facility is not left in satisfactory condition after your event, or if the alarm system has to be disarmed due to improper use.”
To reserve: Reserve online here

4. LIVEStrong Foundation – East Austin
2201 E. Sixth Street
Open to any nonprofit
Just a beautiful building on the east side with a large conference room open to any nonprofit. They ask that you give them about six weeks notice and you can’t set up recurring meetings. Also, you can serve food and drinks, but alcohol and smoking aren’t permitted within 100 miles. (Not really, but kind of. They’re bad for you anyway.)
To reserve: Reserve online

Austin History Center – Downtown, 8th & Guadalupe
The David Earl Holt Photo Gallery/Reception Room can accommodate up to 62 people and comes equipped with large tables and chairs. The space is lovely and they’re protective of it, but we love that it has a fireplace… and that you can check availability online. It’s part of the Austin Public Library, so a lot of those same rules apply.
To reserve: Book it online or call them at (512) 974-7557.

Austin Public Libraries – all over
Library rooms are great! We love that there are online guidelines, online FAQs, a link to check availability, a link to reserve the room….
To reserve: Read more and book here.

Genuine Joe’s Coffeehouse – Anderson Ln
You have to spend a minimum amount to reserve these rooms, but it’s only $10 or $25, so it might be within your reach. The larger one is great for up to 30. Chairs and tables are in various states of newness, but the more important thing to know is that they keep the room closed a lot of the times so they don’t have to run the air conditioner in there. If you think you’re going to need A/C, get there at least an hour early to cool the room down before guests arrive. The smaller room can host up to 10 and is more semi-private, but cozy and convenient.
To reserve: Learn more here.

Know any other free meeting spaces for nonprofits in Austin? Please add their information to the comments! Thanks.

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11 Comments on List of free meeting spaces for Austin nonprofits

  1. Wait, what? Me, pressure someone? Never! I’d like to second Julie’s suggestion of the libraries. I’ve held a number of meetings at the Carver Branch, and library rooms are high on functionality, if not ambience. P.S. There’s also a need for a list of free or low-cost meeting places that serve food & drink, like restaurant banquet rooms…

  2. It’s a part of the Austin Public Libraries (though not everyone knows it) – The Austin History Center! It’s a beautiful space and fits about 60 people. Great central location and, like all the libraries, it’s free to use!

  3. La Madaleine on Brodie has a meeting space. They charge $50 but you can pay that in food/drink.

    Also, doesn’t REI make their meeting space available to non-profits?

  4. Here’s a link to the Ronald McDonald House community meeting room.

    It is not technically free. The way it works is this: We do not charge for the use of the room, but we do ask groups to do something to support us, such as making a donation, getting involved in one of our fundraising events, bringing wish list items, etc.

    Visit the website first, and then email me with your request.

    Jan Gunter – RMHC Austin

  5. It is so cool that there are venues that might be willing to offer spaces for nonprofits. I have been looking for event venues for a meeting in Austin. I’ll have to call around and try to start making a relationship with different owners.

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