Dell Foundation launches Rebuild Texas Fund with $36 million pledge

Flooded Houston homes Dell Foundation

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation today announced the launch of the Rebuild Texas Fund, with the goal of raising over $100 million for the long-term recovery of communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. The foundation is working alongside Governor Abbott to bring the power of private contributions to the recovery and rebuilding efforts in Texas.

With the goal of accelerating support for those most affected by the devastation, the Michael and Susan Dell are committing $36 million to launch the fund, including a four-day matching campaign that invites everyone to give by texting 91999 with the words “RebuildTX.”

The Rebuild Texas Fund recognizes Hurricane Harvey as an unprecedented natural disaster that will require a collective and sustained mobilization effort. In that vein, the fund will focus on marshaling resources and partners for longer-term restoration and rebuilding, in addition to supporting ongoing relief efforts.

“This is our home. And we know that it will take all of us working together, over the long term, to rebuild our Texas communities,” said Michael Dell, a Houston native and founder of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, based in Austin. “As we announce the launch of the Rebuild Texas Fund, we know it is imperative to rally support from companies, community leaders and individuals to work alongside state and federal officials to provide an additional source of funding and ideas for recovery and rebuilding.”

The Rebuild Texas Fund is a partnership. The fund is structured to work with foundations across the state and large companies that have already offered their financial support. The fund will be used to stabilize families with a focus on four areas: health and housing; schools and child care; workforce and transportation; and capital for rebuilding small businesses. Early partners include:

BazaarVoice Foundation
Carly & Clayton Christopher
David Robinson and Robinson Family Foundation
Gerstner Family Foundation
Lorraine Clasquin, Kate Harslem, and Eric Harslem (KLE Foundation)
Lyda Hill Foundation
Kozmetsky Family Foundation
Red McCombs
Sooch Foundation
Verizon Communications

In line with its 18 years of work in helping children and families across Texas, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation will establish the fund with $18 million as well as launch a matching campaign that will kick off today and continue through midnight Monday, September 4. During the campaign, the foundation will match $1 for every $2 in donations for the first $36 million raised.

“We’re heartbroken. Michael and I are both from Texas, and the street he grew up on is under water now,” said Susan Dell, founder of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. “We want everyone to know that we are in this for the long haul to support families and communities – our neighbors in need.”

The Rebuild Texas Fund will be housed at the OneStar Foundation, and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation will be contributing significant time, people and expertise to the effort over the next one to three years. All administrative costs will be covered either by the OneStar Foundation or the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, which means 100 percent of donations will go directly towards relief, recovery, and rebuilding.

“As Texas begins its efforts to restore its communities in the aftermath of Harvey, I am proud to announce that the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation is working with OneStar Foundation to create the Rebuild Texas Fund,” said Governor Abbott. “Over the past week we have seen Texans and Americans come together to assist in the relief and recovery efforts and I have no doubt that this generosity will extend to this fund. I thank Michael and Susan Dell for their commitment to the State of Texas and to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.”

“This is just the beginning of our work to support the people, organizations and businesses who will be rebuilding for years to come,” said Janet Mountain, Executive Director of the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. “We invite anyone who is invested in Texas’ future to get involved. The Rebuild Texas Fund is about coming together and helping people when they need it most.”

Text 91999 with the words “RebuildTX” to donate. To learn more about the Rebuild Texas Fund, visit

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  1. Wow, now that is committment and a great sense of responsibilty…..Does our president have that kind of money?

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