Why haven’t you done it yet? Donate to something!

Either you’ve been putting it off, you’ve forgotten or you can’t decide which organization to give to — all lame excuses. It’s now or never to make your “end-of’year” gift. TICK TOCK.

If you’re reading this, you’re just a few clicks away from making an online donation anyway. Here, click something. This one. This one.  This one, Hell, even this one. I don’t care! Make a donation!

Fine. Still need convincing? Here, for you LIST people: 3 GOOD REASONS TO DONATE NOW.

1. You want the tax deduction. If you’re going to itemize your tax return for 2013, you’ll have to make your donation before December 31. Remember, for any charitable contribution of $250 or more, you’ll need written proof from the organization you donated to. Nonprofits send donor-acknowledgement letters within a week or so of your donation. Read more here about IRS Charitable Contributions.

(Sorry for the boring tax information. If you only give for a tax deduction, that’s what you deserve. ENJOY YOUR ITEMIZING, CREEP!)

2. You know it feels great to donate money. It’s almost a New Year. You’ve mentally made a list of those things you are determined to do better and one of those things is probably being more generous. Maybe you’re actually kind of anxious to get started.

Well, don’t wait. I mean, yes, wait until after New Year’s Eve to swear off carbs and alcohol…party like it’s 1999… but you can start being more generous now. Like, right now. It’s gonna feel so great to let them know how you feel. Go on.

3. We’re all gonna die.

Ha! That’s true, but I just wanted to make sure I had your attention before I said it again: Philanthropy is about feelings. Your feelings. (See Item #2, above).

Look, we’re all inundated with news and information that makes us feel so frustrated and overwhelmed. We read our Facebook feeds and we think, “How could people do that? Why would anybody say such things? What is wrong with people?”

Philanthropy lets us change the world to the way we want it to be. Do you wish you could help more homeless people? Do you wish you could do something to help abused children? Do you wish you could adopt every single puppy at the shelter right now and SAVE THE WORLD?! Guess what?! You can! Right now! CLICK. CLICK. CLICK. So simple!

You still have your credit card number memorized from all that online Christmas shopping, don’t be a jerk and look around. Punch it in. Hurry. It’s gonna be awesome.




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