It’s #GivingTuesday, okay?

Oh, the fabled “National Day of Giving!” A day when every person in the country with a generous heart and a “change the world” attitude reaches deep into their pockets and makes a large contribution to the nonprofits, causes and charities of their choice. It’s a day of joy and celebration, a day when nonprofits watch the cash pour in and people all over the mall are smiling because they did something good with their money and now they really deserve that little cucumber melon gift set from Bath & Body Works for themselves.

It could happen.

In fact, it’s happening today. Not just because some group in New York put all this money into a campaign and website, not just because they came up with a hashtag and some shareable, social-media friendly posts. That doesn’t do it. What makes GivingTuesday is you. Giving.

There are more than 6,000 nonprofits in Austin vying for your attention and donation today, so how do you choose? Here’s an idea: Think about how much you want to give. If $20 sounds totally feasible, then make it $40. And if that seems overly generous, then make it $50.

Now, don’t overly think this. You know where your heart is – children, animals, education, homelessness. Now write the check. (A check’s better because that way the nonprofit doesn’t have to pay Visa for your donation. Plus, there’s something ceremonial about writing a check, making out an envelope and sticking it in the mailbox as opposed to clicking around. Put it in with your holiday cards.)

Wow, you did it. You’re wonderful. Isn’t America great? We really can make this giving-day stuff happen.

And now some news: Did you know GivingCity is a nonprofit now? Did you know you could actually donate to support the work we’re doing right here, on this website and online and in the magazines? We LOVE our work and we know the community needs us, but it takes money to keep this going. Oh my gosh, how nice you would be to donate to GivingCity. Click here to see how. And, wow, thank you for considering.

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