THURS MAY 14: AmeriCorps Idol – That’s right, folks, it’s a singalong

Did you know it was AmeriCorps week? These are the fabulous young people who do the important work at nonprofits all over the country. Well, tomorrow night, they’re singing… and you’re invited!

See this:  

Known as the “domestic Peace Corps,” AmeriCorps is part of a growing national initiative to eliminate poverty and address critical, unmet needs right here in the United States — including Austin!

Join AmeriCorps alumni, members, and supporters for an evening of theatre-wide singing and laughter to “Bold Songs that Inspire Change: a Sing-Along with a Mission.”

Tickets available at

6:45-9pm (doors @ 6:15) @ Alamo Drafthouse South, 1120 S. Lamar Blvd.

Q. Okay, a sing-along? I have never heard of this. Is it a fundraiser, a member event? Who should come to this event?

EMILY STEINBERG: Anyone can come to a Sing-a-Long! It’s in the spirit of the Alamo’s famous Sing-a-long series, where each event has a theme (“Ladies of the 80s”, “Princesses of Rock,” etc.). People eat, drink, watch music videos, and sing a long with their friends. It’s a lot of fun! Everyone and anyone is welcome. It’s $20 but costs go directly to paying for the theater reservations.

Q. So these songs… lyrics are projected on screen, but is there a film that goes with it?

EMILY: Usually, it’s music videos and lyrics (I think), but Rosa can better answer this…

ROSA MORENO-MAHONEY: Sing-alongs are an Alamo Signature event; we worked with them to create a customized sing-along to celebrate the week Austin style.

Q. Sorry, I’m trying to picture this… so there will be people sitting in an Alamo Drafthouse theater, eating dinner, drinking some beer, singing…?

EMILY: Exactly!

4. Congrats on AmeriCorps week. Do you have a link to information about more events?

EMILY: Yes — our flyer and a link to sign up for scheduled events with details is posted at
Celebrate an AmeriCorps volunteer this week, people. Buy them a drink at the Alamo tomorrow night and sing your brains out.

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  1. Thanks for writing about this, Monica! I hope that everyone who attended the sing-along had a blast.

    If you’re interested in reading about how AmeriCorps members in Austin and across the state have been celebrating AmeriCorps Week, check out OneStar’s blog at We usually blog weekly, but this week, we’ve been blogging daily on AmeriCorps Week information and updates.

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