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First, I’ll acknowledge that award nominations can be arduous. There’s a form to complete, essays to write, supporting documents and links to gather, deadlines to hit. When you think about the amount of work involved, the rewards for nominating someone seem pretty small.

But I’ve nominated or contributed to the nominations of dozens of people for awards, and whether or not they win it’s always been rewarding in itself. The reasons are pretty simple.

  1. We work around so much ineptitude, it’s not hard the for good ones to stand out. Those people who manage to just do what they’re tasked to do can really stand out, but those who do it well and do more than they’re expected are rock stars. They just seem to set the bar higher for everyone else, so identifying those rock stars and putting them on a pedestal gives everyone else a role model to shoot for.
  2. It actually feels great to put to words why you admire someone. In writing the nomination, you learn a bit about yourself – what you value, what you hope to be. The process gives you something to shoot for and makes you hope someday someone will write about you the same way.
  3. Nominating that person lifts up the entire organization that person works for or the nonprofit they’ve supported, which is why I’ve done it as a communications professional. It can be a great marketing tool to have your vice president or major donor win an award, and it costs nothing.
  4. It’s a great way to pause and express gratitude. Nominating someone for an award gives you the same feeling as writing a recommendation or even just a thank-you note. Saying thanks helps you see the blessings in your life, and sometimes the people we work with and the people who give to charity can be a real blessing.

GivingCity is gathering a list of all of the philanthropy-related awards in our community to help you take advantage of this opportunity to say thanks and lift up your organization. Know of any we have to include? Let us know in the comments or via email. Thanks! 

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