The topics and questions we’ll cover at Art of the Gala

art of the gala

If your experience hosting a fundraising event is limited, then you may not know what you don’t know. The more experience you have with a fundraising event, the more you realize there really is so much to consider.

That’s what drove us to creating Art of the Gala and to growing it with JHL Company this year. From selling tickets to attracting sponsors, working with event planners and producing an auction, the devil is in the details. We hope you’ll join us on Tuesday, October 23, for this full-day learning and networking conference featuring keynotes, panels, and table topics, plus breakfast, lunch, and happy hour!

Here are some of the big topics and questions you’ll see covered at Art of the Gala.

Making your event magical

What are the qualities of a fun and memorable event?

While fundraising is the most important measure of success, how do you balance that with making the event fun and memorable?

What are some mistakes event planners make that can ruin an event for attendees? For sponsors?

We all use the same five ballrooms… how do we make sure our event stands out?

Making sponsors happy

What attracts a sponsor to an event?

What makes a great sponsor-nonprofit relationship?

What mistakes do nonprofits make within that relationship?

As a sponsor, how can you leverage that to help meet the goals of your business?

Making the mission moment

How do you make sure attendees know why they’re there – without ruining the fun?

What are the most creative ways to incorporate the story of the organization?

How do we go beyond the video to making the mission not just a moment but the entire night’s theme?

Making event tech work

With all of the tech for event ticketing, event check-in, auction bidding, etc, how do we know what to use?

As attendees start to see tech at other events, they’re demanding it more. Which tech has the best user experience?

Making pre- and post-events work

The trend is to not just have one big event, but rather to add pre- and post-event events. Why should we consider those?

How can we use those to raise more money without spending more money?

Making more money

Besides sponsors and tickets, what are some creative ways to make money from the event?

What makes a great auction and how do we get more people to participate?

When everybody does silent auctions with the same auction items, how can we make our stand out?

You’ll not only hear from our 30+ expert speakers, you’ll also learn from each other! Come ready to share, connect, and walk away with a ton of information you can put to use at your next fundraising event.

See a list of morning speakers here, and sign up to choose your Table Topics before the fill up!


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