New mental health resource for therapists serving Latino, immigrant community

Immigrant family

A new network of therapists will serve as a resource to Latino families that might be experiencing mental health issues due o the effects of detention, deportation, and migrant criminalization. The network will strive to provide low-cost therapy services for those who may not be able to afford it.

The network, Latinx Therapists Action Network, just launched this month.

“We have been tirelessly working the past year as mental health practitioners, students, healing arts practitioners, and organizers who are guided by a deep love for our immigrant communities, to bring together a collective of Latinx therapists who believe in healing justice, immigrant rights, and abolishing ICE,” said Sandra Olarte-Hayes, founding leadership team member of The Latinx Therapists Action Network.

One of the primary functions of the Network is to provide a directory of mental health practitioners who are trained to provide mental health services to this population and have agreed to do so on a sliding scale.
This sliding scale starts at $25 and goes up to $75. The pricing will vary based on the agreement between the therapist and the client.

The Latinx Therapists Action Network believes that the criminalization, incarceration and disposal of immigrant people are an extension of unjust mass incarceration. “The suffering inflicted today on migrants has intensified during the current administration, thus further illuminating the need for culturally grounded organizing and justice-oriented healing that is accessible to frontline communities,” said Olarte-Hayes. “This is an offering to our Latinx communities at the frontlines of the struggle against criminalization, detention and deportation.”

The Latinx Therapists Action Network consists of mental health practitioners that are committed to honoring and affirming the human dignity of Latinx immigrant communities marginalized by violence, criminalization, detention, and deportation. The current political assaults on the migrant community can devastate the spirits, livelihoods, and wellbeing of these communities, leaving deep emotional, physical, spiritual, and political wounds. “We form this network as an affirmation of our humanity, our worthiness, our power, and all our people’s beauty. We declare that our future is bright and self-determined,” said Olarte-Hayes.

The Latinx Therapists Action Network

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