FRI JAN 16: Community activists or rap group? Or both?

Austin rap group Public Offenders

Lyricist, Phenom, B.Prophet, Gator, and Yoli are far from your average rap group. Each member is deeply involved and committed to their vision of building a better community. They are all advisors for The Cipher- Austin’s Hip Hop Project, a non-profit organization for East Austin youths, which Gator is the co-founder and an instructor. They consistently participate in community events and social activism and collaborate with local and national organizations to galvanize a national movement to end violence and discrimination.

We included Gator (in above photo, left) in the latest issue of GivingCity, in a feature called “Speaking Up for East Austin.” He’s a gifted and driven young leader, and he’ll be one to watch as Austin builds it philanthropic and activist culture.

From the press release:

Gator’s  hip hop crew, PUBLIC OFFENDERS, are set to release their second album, Drop Jewels, on Friday, January 16, 2009.

Produced by Austin’s own G.Dot, the album challenges listeners to address issues typical rappers rarely rap about. Drop Jewels provides a message of manhood, validating men and inviting them to get involved in the effort to end violence against women, while also affirming the experience and reality women face each day.

“In addition, this talented group takes on the issues facing black men and teen pregnancy, as well as the pain faced by children dealing with absentee fathers,” says Ted Bunch from the national organization, A Call To Men.

The hard-hitting beats and soulful rhythms uplift the mind and spirit, causing the body to rise to a signature P.O. pose: arm fully extended and ending with a powerful, righteous fist.

Dedicated to those affected by domestic violence, especially Ortralla Mosley who was a friend of the group and died at age 15 after being attacked by her boyfriend while at school, the PUBLIC OFFENDERS hope the album inspires those who need it the most. It is also a call to action as we all have a role in ending violence against women. Influential and enlightening, Drop Jewels builds from their debut album, Day of Truth, and focuses on the PUBLIC OFFENDERS movement for social change.

“Drop Jewels is about dropping knowledge and passing wisdom along to others who may not possess those jewels,” explains Gator, emcee and spokesperson for the group.

PUBLIC OFFENDERS stands for Poverty United Building Love in Inner Cities – Our Future For Every Nation Does Effect Reality Situations. The crew has been together since 2002, during their days at Reagan High School. Emcee and singer Yoli formally joined the group in 2007.

An ages18+ album release party will be held Sunday, January 18, 2009 at The Parish, starting at 8pm, and hosted by Zell Miller III and featuring Blacklisted Individuals and DJ Notion.

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