GivingCity Austin Issue 2


GivingCity Austin Issue 2

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GivingCity Austin is about encouraging you to …

Learn more about where you live
Share what you learn with people you know
Figure out how you might make a difference in the community
Find a nonprofit to support – or start one yourself!
Be a better philanthropist

GivingCity Austin, Issue 2 is about….

Balancing Work/Life/Service by Evan Smith
Speaking Up for East Austin by Christopher Jones
Brian Luck on the impact one man can have on Austin’s homeless
Sam Woollard on why now’s the time to make a difference
How you can help this 24-year-old Austin woman with breast cancer
Which is better to give, stuff of money?
New data on Austin kids
How buying Girl Scout cookies helps grow girl entrepreneurs
How Innu Salon keeps philanthropy in the mix
Mando Rayo on what we’re supposed to do now
Kyle Canon on taking the next step in volunteering
How two social entrepreneurs are addressing two major needs in Austin


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