How does the stimulus package impact Austin?

From the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
From the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Last month the Community Action Network – a partnership of 18 public, private, and nonprofit entities in Central Texas – hosted a learning session about how local government agencies will be spending the millions of dollars we might see in our community. More than 200 people filled the room to listen in; browse the links CAN is compiling on the subject here.

Right now it’s impossible to say how much money Central Texas will actually see because it comes in through state and local agencies, nonprofits, small businesses, individuals, etc., and each of them has its own deadline for requesting money – and no real requirement to report how much it gets.

See this post that describes why it’s difficult to track the money.

I wish there were a single, clear resource for finding out how the money from the federal Recover and Reinvestment Act is going to be put to use – and how to get some. It looks like everyone’s trying to find or create that same thing. The most useful site I found comes from the Texas comptroller’s office. Thank you to whomever created this site. It’s as well designed as it is informative.

In the meantime, read a letter from CAN to Jim Dunnam, Chairman of the Texas House Select Committee on Federal Economic Stabalization Funding, which describes how Central Texas would like the money to be invested.

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