How to find your passion and get involved

How to figure out what cause you care about

Homelessnes? Illiteracy? Education? Conservancy?

What cause really matters most to you? It’s something that all of us consider when we graduate from being a reactive giver to a more thoughtful and strategic giver. But it isn’t always easy to connect with the cause that stirs your soul.

Finding your philanthropic passion isn’t the same as finding your career passion. Wrapped up in deciding how you want to earn a living is the income question, which can splash cold water on whatever dream job you have. But with volunteering, donating, and community engagement, you don’t have to worry about what it pays. That being said, because you’re simply seeking fulfillment, it can be more complicated to determine if you’re truly getting out of it what you put into it.

The four experts we talked to suggest that, well, maybe you’re overthinking it. Take a look at their simple ideas — and their caveats — for identifying the cause you’re truly passionate about.

2. Courtney Clark, Social Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker
3. Jose Velasquez, Community Advocate and Nonprofit Professional
4. Marc Miller, Career Coach
5. Dena Dupuie, Cause Advocate and Realtor
6. Ron Kessler, Life Coach

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