How to volunteer in Austin – our most popular lists


Feeling like it’s time to do something big? Something that really makes a difference in the community?

Take a look below at some of our most popular how-to volunteer stories. It’s telling that most of our how-to story ideas come from you. You’re a generous group that wants to change the community for the better. Other story ideas come from the news and how we see you reacting on social media. New stories that solicit a “What can I do about this?” response tend to get our attention; you’re probably not the only one wondering how to help.

So we ask you: What do you want to know now? What kind of impact are you trying to have? Feel free to ask us, either in comments, on our social media pages, or by email. (Send your questions here.) Our goal is to help you support the causes you care about, so let us know what we can find out for you!

Below is a list of some of our most popular how-to articles. They’re more than just lists; they help you figure out if that volunteer opportunity is right for you and give you an idea of how to volunteer better. In no particular order…

How to be a mentor to a young person in Austin

How to support Austin-based civil rights organizations

How to *really help when someone is grieving or ill

Here’s how to turn troubled youth into opportunity youth

How to love what you do again, by volunteering in what you do

How to help Austin kids in foster care

How to help refugees in Austin

How to volunteer as a group

How to donate in-kind items and stuff in Austin

How to volunteer this Thanksgiving

Don’t forget to search GivingCity for more stories about how to volunteer and give back in Austin.

Got one you’d like us to put together? Contact us with your questions or ideas!


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