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The Guide to Great Fundraising Events Experts weigh in on what’s hot, what’s in and what works
A Little Story About Big Dreams A small donation makes a big difference in the life of a small Austin family
How Food Stamps Work How one family makes every dollar stretch, but still comes up short.


Why I Give:
Suzi Sosa and her innovative new idea for saving nonprofits

Austin Youth River Watch An after-school program for under-served teens – and 100% of them graduate
5604 Manor A community built for integration from the ground up
Shave for the Brave How mothers of kids with cancer fight back
Going Up Day What our youth needs from us to survive bullying
Austin Business Giving Back How grew by giving signs away
The Worst Hard Times How Food stamps work – and how they don’t

Happening Now:
I Live Here, I Give Here’s The Big Give
Ballet Austin’s Fete and Fete-ish
The Arc of the Capital Area’s Building Bridges

Give Better:
How to have a school supply drive
Get to know African-American connectors

CALENDAR Summer fundraising events from



Thanks to the Austin Community Foundation and the Seton Foundations for their generous support.

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