New presentation: Social media for nonprofits against social media

Oh, I’m kidding. There aren’t any nonprofits against social media. There are only people against social media.

Maybe “against” is too harsh a word. I just think there are a lot of nonprofit leaders out there who think social media is just not for them. And I agree: It’s not for you, it’s for your nonprofit community.

Let me just preface this to say, I am not a social media expert. I’m more of a long-time fan.

I’ve been posting since 2007 and in some ways, I found my voice on social media. At least I found the voice of GivingCity there. I’d been a professional writer and editor for 15 years before I started blogging and posting about social activism, philanthropy and nonprofits. Social media helped me create a “persona” that has enabled GivingCity to connect with like-minded people… and grow.

And that’s all I’m saying, New Braunfels nonprofits: Social media can do this for you, too. I hope the message that resonated with that group most was to be brave. Stick a toe in the water and splash around a little bit. Then wade in… or dive in. The water is fine.


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