Why nonprofits send so many emails

Mostly because… well, email works.

In the beginning, email was an office thing. If you wanted to write, read or send an email, you had to sit at your office desk. Hardly anyone had a personal email account.

Today, we access multiple email accounts on our phones, tablets and computers at work and home. Email is pretty much everywhere now, and continues to be a huge driver to a nonprofit’s website. If a nonprofit is looking to grow its list of potential donors and volunteers – and raise some money — email is the way to go.

(For more about how email and other online marketing tools are performing, download the new M&R Benchmark 2015 study.)

But even though email is about 20 years old, there’s an art and science to email that nonprofits should continually tweak.

Laura Packard FUSE“Most people have access to email now in their person and professional lives,” says Laura Packard of Powerthru Consulting, “and you can reach them more easily through email — as long as you focus on deliverability.”

Deliverability of your emails should be a nonprofit’s biggest concern these days, and that’s the topic of her talk at FUSE Austin, a one-day online-marketing conference being held this Wednesday, April 29, at The Driskill Hotel.

Packard says deliverability includes everything from formatting for mobile to maintaining your email list and making sure it’s easy for your donors to add themselves, and remove themselves, from your email list.

Nonprofits should also consider — and reconsider — how often they send their emails. As more people are used to receiving emails regularly, they’re more adept and knowing which to open and which to sort into another folder, the trash.

The key, says Packard, “is to balance frequency so enough people remember you but not so often that you prompt them to unsubscribe.”

But don’t take offense to the “unsubscribe,” she adds. “People move away, their interests change. Nonprofit email lists shrink. That’s just a fact of life if you’re not always thinking of ways to grow your list.”

See? Email may seem like an old-fashioned form of communication, but for those who invest the resources and energy, email still pays off.

fuse_austin_2_0FUSE AUSTIN
Wednesday, April 298:30 am – 4:30 pm
The Driskill Hotel
604 Brazos St Austin, TX 78701

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