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On this day preceding the launch of the 2015 Amplify Austin, we wanted to share with you the sheer volume of donors, dollars, work and server power that it’s going to take to help reach the goal of $7 million. GivingCity spoke to I Live Here, I Give Here executive director Tom Spencer about the numbers behind Amplify Austin.

There are more nonprofits participating in Amplify Austin than ever:
2013 – 320
2014 – 498
2015 – 518

Almost 20,000 donors participated in 2014, with an average gift of $100

GC: It looks like lots of people gave to more than one nonprofit – why do you think that is?

TS: I think that once people are on our site and see the amazing diversity and breadth of nonprofits that are meeting our community’s needs they get both excited and inspired. We hear from many people that shopping for a new cause can be pretty addictive. I think that’s a pretty healthy addiction!

Peak giving hours: 9 am – 11 am March 21; 3 pm – 5 pm March 21

GC: Is this surprising? So hitting up people during working hours is the way to go?

TS: Who’d have thought it? This took us by surprise last year. I think there is a lot of “water cooler talk” about Amplify Austin and people felt empowered to share information about their favorite causes because of the event.

Number of Business Fundraisers in 2015: 41 companies

GC: Why is it important that businesses get involved?

TS: Having your employer cheer you on as a donor or even match your donations is a huge incentive for giving. Younger employees seem to expect this of their employers and feel better about working for companies that give back as a team.

Total visits to in 24 hours last year: 94,257

GC: That is a lot of traffic in 24 hours. Describe just how intense this project can be, please? Because I’m thinking it’s pretty intense.

TS: We are expecting 150,000 unique visitors to our site in 24 hours this year, so I am going to be wearing flame-proof clothes just in case the servers over heat! Just kidding.

But, yes, the experience is quite intense – and fun. There were times last year when the money was coming in so quickly it was hard to read the Leader Board ticker. Experiencing this disproved all of the naysayers who claim that “Austin isn’t a generous town.” The success we shared with our donors and nonprofit partners made all of the stress worthwhile.


Don’t forget: You can support our mission to educate, inspire and connect more people to local philanthropy! Make sure to give to GivingCity Austin during Amplify Austin!



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