OCT 7: Austin + Social Good finals to feature 5 problems, 5 solutions


Think you’ve got a great idea for solving a pressing social issue? Well, these five, brave organizations are putting their ideas to the test.

You’re invited to attend the Austin + Social Good Accelerator and Fast Pitch Competition on Wednesday night to cheer them on, get inspired, find the flaws in their plans … or all of the above. It’s a competition, after all. These five finalists have already passed an initial test by submitting a two-minute video to enter the competition. Since being selected, these five finalists have received six weeks of one-on-one coaching to perfect their business plans. Tomorrow night, they’ll present those plans to a live audience, which will then vote to see which idea wins the grand prize of $5,000.

The $5,000 comes from you, the audience, which gives you a real stake in the evening’s proceedings. That’s because Austin + Social Good is pooling the $10 ticket cost to make up the grand prize. You can give via the event’s Indiegogo crowdfunding page — check out the premiums!

Fast-pitch events are not new, but the ideas presented always are. Take a look at what the five finalists hope to achieve:

The problem: Kids are screened at school for vision and hearing problems, but the information is not always used or tracked.

HALF-HELEN: Use available technology to screen under-served kids sooner to catch avoidable hearing and vision problems and track their healthcare.

The problem: Technology companies need to hire more diverse employees.

RECRUIT HER: Identify and connect diverse, qualified job candidates, especially women, with technology companies.

The problem: Low-income students can’t afford SAT test prep and don’t apply to enough colleges.

PREPIFY: Provide free, gamified SAT prep for disadvantaged students and connect their information with college admissions officers.

The problem: Low-income people can’t afford legal help.

LEGAL BANZU: Create an online platform that would help more people access legal advice for free or at an affordable price from legal advisors.

The problem: Businesses aren’t sharing enough about their positive social and environmental impact.

IDEALETHOS: Help business reduce their environmental impact and tell the story of their impact.

OCT 7: Austin + Social Good Accelerator and Fast Pitch Competition, Google Fiber Space, tickets $10, which goes toward grand prize for winner. More info.

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