Speak out. They’re coming for us.


Together, the government and private sector have created an impossible immigration situation, and children are the victims. These two sectors have conspired to create an economy that relies on immigration laws that are either unenforceable or hardly enforced. In the meantime, the immigration laws that too many Americans claim should be enforced are so complicated, few Americans understand them. And the mechanisms by which the United States has given immigrants and asylum seekers a basic overview of the laws have been destroyed. Even those asylum seekers who live here now are being sent back and refugees who have gone through years of vetting and deserve protection are being turned away in record numbers.

And now, racists in the White House are cruelly separating asylum-seeking mothers from their children as a threat to keep them in a situation they may not survive. Despite the fact that Americans across the political and religious spectrum urge the government to end the practice, it continues to destroy these families, leaving children damaged almost beyond repair. The private sector profits from the governments work to dehumanize Latinos and immigrants, with new, unchecked facilities being built to imprison immigrants.  Our government, in partnership with the private sector, has reached new depths of cruelty and we must call it what it is – a crime against humanity.

Who will the government target next? The United States has perpetrated similarly heinous acts against racial groups before. Do you trust that you, a person in your family, or a person you love will not be affected?

Those of us who are feeling helpless about what to do must put down our tissues and take action. This is not a time for self-care. Several larger, funded, and full-time newsrooms have put together lists of how you can take action. I suggest you look at those, then do the following:

Click through all the way to entering your credit card information. When you enter the amount to donate, add a 1 to the front and hit pay. People are donating now at the rate of $4,000 per minute. If politicians care about money, show them where your money goes.

Open a letter template in Word or Google Docs and write a letter using boilerplate copy one of these organizations gives you. Hit print, sign, put a stamp on it, and walk it to the mailbox. Repeat. Go buy more stamps.

Protest on June 30. Sheer numbers matter. Pressure. Show up for those most affected but who may be fearful about being out in public.

Speak out. “Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Photo by Nitish Meena on Unsplash

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