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GivingCity Austin is occasionally published as a magazine, sometimes in print. Browse past issues for news items, profiles, features and fantastic photography.

GivingCity Cover 1 Cookie Ruiz

Issue #1: September 30, 2008
Who Needs the United Way?
What Cookie Sees in You
Thanks for Riding 150 Miles For Me


GivingCity Cover 2 Evan Smith

Issue #2 : January 6, 2009
Evan Smith’s Advice to Board Members
East Austin Speaks Up
What a Cancer Patient Really Wants From You


givingcity-austin-issue-3x 4

Issue #3: May 27, 2009
The New Philanthropists
Are There Too Many Nonprofits in Austin?
Teaching Philanthropy in Schools


GivingCity Austin Cover 4 John Thornton

Issue #4: October 27, 2009
Launching The Texas Tribune
How You Can Lower High School Dropout Rates
Which State Employees Are the Most Generous?


GivingCity Cover 5 Junior League presidents

Issue #5: October 21, 2010

The Remarkable Ladies of Junior League of Austin
Holidays: 75 Ways to Give
KOOP: Inside The New Nonprofit Radio


GivingCity Cover 6 Legislature

Issue #6: January 14, 2011
Nonprofits at the Texas Legislature
A Spanish-Only Education Fair
A Bright Spot for Parents Facing Loss


Issue #7: May 11, 2011
2011 New Philanthropists
Art Takes The City
Leading Women to Safety


GivingCity Austin #8

Issue #8: July 10, 2011
The Guide to Great Fundraising Events |
How Food Stamps Work – or Don’t |
A Small Scholarship Gives a Family Hope


GivingCity Austin 9 Cover

Issue #9: November 28, 2011
Celebrate Volunteers
The Surprising Approach of a Young Philanthropist
When Businesses Take the Lead


GC10 Cover

Issue #10: January 10, 2012
How Disaster Recovery Works
Helping Veterans Come Home
Tracking the Pet Charities


GivingCity 11

Issue #11: April 10, 2012
How to Volunteer with Kids
Can An App Save Philanthropy?
Understanding Affordable Housing


Issue #12: July 3, 2012
The 2012 New Philanthropists
Dealing with Cancer at 11 Years Old
What Do Reduced-Lunch Kids Eat in the Summer?


GivingCity 13 Cover Arts

Issue #13: November 11, 2012
How Art Drives An Economy
Why Austin Is Still Fighting AIDS
20+ Ways to Give This Holiday Season


GivingCity 14 cover give more

Issue #14: February 14, 2012
Make Time To Give Time
The True Story of  a Little
Moms Making a Difference