New data: Who volunteers in Austin?

According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, in 2011, 31.7 percent of people in Austin and Round Rock volunteered, ranking Austin 9th among the 51 largest MSAs.

Take a look at more information about our social connectedness, civic engagement and more here. You can also view more about where Austin ranks in volunteering, etc. here. There’s even data on volunteering for various demographics (Millenials, veterans, Boomers, etc.). Fun stuff.

I’m proud that Austin leads the way in volunteering in Texas. And to get super-competitive about it, I’m most proud that the highest ranking volunteer demographic from Austin is in the Generation X group, of which I am a member. To put a fine point on it, the data shows that Generation X working mothers seem to be doing all the work around here. Like I couldn’t have told you that.

But it’s notable/obvious that the demographic that volunteers most overall is parents. We know why parents volunteer with kids: It’s because their own kids are involved. Roll your eyes if you want, but would you want it to be the other way — parents who don’t volunteer with their kids’ activities? No, this is better.

The important factor in volunteering is to find something you care deeply about. It doesn’t really matter which cause you choose because there are so many that need your help. Once you get started, you’re hooked. In fact, I believe that parent volunteers of today continue their volunteering into their empty nest and senior years. (Ugh, it stinks getting old.)

Don’t let parents have all the fun (even though, come on … we have so little). Get in there and volunteer!

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